“What Love is this?

You’re invited to Easter Cantata

Salvation Baptist Church

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 Easter Cantata Program 

Welcome and prayer

  1. “The way to Calvary” – Soloist: Maksim A.
  2. “Via Dolorosa” – Soloist: Peter Chepel
  3. “Lead me to Calvary”- Symphony Orchestra “Unison”

Audience is invited to stand and sing:

  1. “Near the Cross”

“What Love is this?”

  1. “Sing Forth His Glorious Name”


  1. “Hiding in the Shadows”


  1. “A Price We Can Pay” Soloist: Phillip Prokoshin

    8. “Do This in Remembrance” Soloist:  Daniel Bronitskiy


    9. “Gethsemane”


    10. “What Love is This?”


    11.“Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross”


    12. “Crown Him the Lord of Life”

    Audience is invited to stand and sing:

    13. “Christ the Lord is Risen Today

    14. Sermon– Jeff Bidniy

    15. “At the Name of Jesus”

    Announcements and dismissal

    Our Church

    Church Purpose

    The ultimate purpose of Salvation Baptist Church is to glorify God.

    Mission Statement

    To lead people to saving faith, help them grow spiritually, and assist them in serving God and others. 


    Salvation Baptist Church is a member of the North-Western Union of Slavic Baptist Churches.